NATA Aviation Maintenance Technician Employer Recognition Awards Program
The National Air Transportation Association’s (NATA) Aviation Maintenance Technician Employer Award Program is open to any full-time aircraft and/or components maintenance or repair business or other entity that conducts aviation maintenance. The awards program recognizes aviation maintenance organizations that encourage and support aviation maintenance technician (AMT) training. The award is based on the percentage of AMTs employed (directly or indirectly) by a maintenance organization that participate in qualified training events. An AMT must complete at least 12 hours of training each year to be counted towards the organization’s award percentage. 
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2016 AMT Employer Recognition Awards Winners
* Indicates 5 Year Recognition (One, three, or five star award for five consecutive years)




Aero Charter Inc. Pentastar Aviation, LLC AeroTurbine, Inc.
Berwind Aviation   AirResource Group, LLC*
Duncan Aviation Inc - Battle Creek* Aviation Institute of Maintenance
Duncan Aviation Inc - Provo* Banyan Air
  Bismarck Aero Center
Broadie's Aircraft*
CD Aviation Services
Central Flying Service, Inc. - Propeller Maintenance Group*
Clay Lacy Aviation - Van Nuys
Fargo Jet Center Inc.
FlexJet LLC
Flight Options, LLC*
Greensboro Citation Service Center
Hawker Beechcraft Services - Atlanta
Hawker Beechcraft Services - Houston
Hawker Beechcraft Services -Indianapolis
Hawker Beechcraft Services - New Castle
Hawker Beechcraft Services - Tampa
Hawker Beechcraft Services - Wichita
Honeywell Aerospace Flight Test Operations*
Intercontinental Jet Service Group*
JetSuite, Inc.
Kansas City Aviation Center
Keystone Aviation LLC
Mesa Citation Service Center
NetJets Aviation - DXTA*
NetJets Sales - DXTR*
New York Citation Service Center
Northrop Grumman Corporation*
Orlando Citation Service Center
San Antonio Citation Service Center
Southern Air Inc.
Strategic Moves
Textron Aviation Milwaukee Service Center
Textron Aviation Sacramento Service Center
The Home Depot*
Wichita Citation Service Center