Aircraft Maintenance and System Technology Committee

The Aircraft Maintenance and Systems Technology Committee promotes the interests of the association’s members relative to aviation maintenance, repair stations and aviation technology.

The committee works in a cooperative and constructive manner with Congress and the Federal Aviation Administration in the monitoring and promulgation of regulatory and legislative language and procedures affecting aviation maintenance and operations. To do this, the committee studies and recommends policy concerning existing and proposed aircraft maintenance regulations and legislation, and participates in sessions with appropriate legislative and regulatory agencies to express the needs and views of the association’s members. In addition, the committee recommends and arranges programs on issues pertinent to its objectives for association meetings and the annual convention.

Staff support is provided by the committee to assist in the role of policy development, to conduct research, maintain contact with appropriate legislative and regulatory entities, to develop responses to legislative and regulatory proposals and provide administrative support.

Current issues of committee involvement include Part 145 compliance, DRVSM, national air tour safety standards (NPRM), the Part 135 rewrite, Draft AC 147, Draft AC 43-FAB, recommendations for the NATA annual maintenance award and ELTs.

Aircraft Maintenance and System Technology Committee White Paper
Part 145 Consumer Guide

Regulatory Consistency Communication Board (RCCB)
RCCB Decision: Revision Dates on Maintenance Manuals
RCCB Decision: Type Certificate Data Sheets

Best Practices
In Performing a Pre-purchase Evaluation (Pre-buy), What is Considered "Airworthy?"
9 Seats or Less Configuration White Paper
Capability List
Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
Hazardous Materials Training Program
NATA Maintenance Checklist Questionnaire:
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Important Links:
FAA Flight Standards Homepage
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Committee Members

Lee Thomas
Manager, Quality Assurance
Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation

Dan Montgomery
Vice President
DA Aviation

Shelley A. Ewalt
McBreen & Kopko

Bill Hoddenbach
Director of Maintenance
Keystone Aviation

Michael Mertens
Chief Inspector 
Duncan Aviation

Chris Poliak
SVP, Aircraft Maintenance/Air Carrier Operations
Executive Jet Management 

Phil Stearns
Sales Manager
Stevens Aviation

Mark Steinwender
Quality Manager
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

Kurt Sutterer
Strategic Business Development
WestStar Aviation
David Tarullo                      
Vice President, Technical Services
NetJets Inc. - Columbus

Meeting minutes are provided by the staff liaison to committee members. All other members are encouraged to contact the staff liaison for additional information on any topics that were discussed at prior meetings.
Staff Contact
Carol Giles