NATA Airline Services Council
The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) formed the Airline Services Council (ASC) in 2002 to further the interests of companies that provide services to scheduled air carriers as their primary business.  The primary goal of the NATA ASC is to serve member companies and provide a voice within the public policy arena, especially on issues that impact their viability and profitability.
Today, the ASC represents local, regional, state and international aviation service providers that account for approximately $5 billion in combined revenue and over 90,000 employees and provide services at 425 airports in 67 countries. Those organizations are an integral component of the national air transportation system offering a broad range of airline- and airport-related services, including:
  • Passenger In-Terminal Services
  • Ramp Handling
  • Cargo And Mail Handling For Domestic And International Airlines
  • TSA-Regulated Inspection, Monitoring And Screening
  • Into-Plane Fueling
  • Aircraft De-icing
  • Skycaps And Wheelchairs 
    • Ground Support Equipment Maintenance, Leasing, And Sales
    • Distribution Of Specialized Airport Equipment   
    • Cabin Cleaning And Janitorial Services   
    • Airline And Airport Technical Support  
    • Aviation Law  
    • Airport Property Development

    The Opportunity

    Airline services companies are an extraordinary and critical component of the international air transportation system, but they also face an intense set of challenges.

    As the worst financial downturn since the Great Depression wore on and airline passenger and cargo traffic percentages plunged by double-digit percentages, ASC members faced a daunting year in 2009. While the drop in revenue traffic encouraged air passenger and cargo carriers to outsource more tasks historically performed in-house as a cost cutting measure, overcapacity, customer bankruptcies, and falling service rates and yields pressured the airline services industry. As these trends gained momentum, the airline services industry itself underwent further consolidation through mergers and acquisitions, as well as closures and capacity reductions. At the same time, the industry experienced a veritable halt to investments in infrastructure improvements. Moreover, government regulation of the airlines and airline services companies in a post-9/11 world often has been burdensome, ill-advised, costly or of limited value.

    If the airline services industry collectively can continue to seize the opportunity to address these and other threats proactively, greater prosperity will be assured. NATA’s Airline Services Council was formed to accomplish just that including:
  • Improve safety and security by working closely with governmental agencies to help shape aviation policy
  • Promote the economic interests of aviation services companies to ensure viability of strong competition
  • Identify risks to and opportunities for the airline services industry
  • Jointly address high importance initiatives and, when appropriate, lobby on behalf of ASC members before government and industry
    • Enhance the understanding of ASC concerns by governmental and airport authorities and achieve regulatory, legislative or market improvements that benefit ASC members
    • Provide the catalyst and a forum for industry discussion and education
    • Have its members recognized as integral to the success of the transportation infrastructure by government officials and the greater scheduled air carrier community
    White Papers and Other Legislation
    ASC Policy Issue White Papers
      Air Cargo Security Legislation 
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    Members of the Airline Services Council
    Steering Committee:
    Richard C. Thiel - Chairman
    GAT General Aviation Terminal, Inc.
    At-Large Members:
    Robert Maloney, Jr.
    Air General, Inc.
    Douglas Hofsass
    Brian Wood
    Peggy Hohl
    Pat Bealmear
    Boreas Holdings, Inc.
    Salvatore Calvino
    Boreas Holdings, Inc.
    Ron Gerber 
    Boreas Holdings, Inc. 
    Denise Pucciarella
    Boreas Holdings, Inc. 
    Robert Allen
    Michael Duffy
    Phillip Jensen 
    Cargo Airport Services 
    Jose Castrillo
    George Clardy
    Kevin Didion
    Larry White
    Brian Heard
    Janet Bahnsen
    Leonard Kirsch
    Robert Caton
    Moe Kamyab
    SCIS Air Security Corporation
    Sharon Schmitz
    SCIS Air Security Corporation
    Kurt Schwenke
    SCIS Air Security Corporation
    Matt Ellingson