Flight Training Committee

The purpose of the Flight Training Committee is to assist member flight- training organizations in improving their operations in five areas: safety and security, customer satisfaction, competitiveness, quality of training, viability and profitability. The committee also monitors regulatory issues, influences regulatory changes and engages in defining the future of flight training.

The Flight Training Committee has several subcommittees. The Regulatory Subcommittee oversees complex and high-performance rules, security, FAQs, Part 60 and Part 129. The Safety and Security Subcommittee takes care of quality of training, recurrent training and Wings/ARS TSA guidelines for general aviation airport security.

The Best Practices Subcommittee is responsible for business practices, the Cessna marketing CD, insurance, finance, a flight-training code of ethics and the industry’s public image. The Outreach/Program Subcommittee handles seminar definition within the venue of the NATA, NBAA, and AOPA conventions, as well as NATA’s Town Hall meetings.

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NATA Flight School Code of Conduct
FITS Presentation by AFS-840
Committee Members
Doug Thomas
Flight Operations Manager
Eagle Aviation, Inc.
Jemar Bahinting
James E. Brannan
Mazzei Flying Service
Phil Cooper
Vice President
Tereza Curry
Development Director
Giving Kids Wings Flight Academy
Irv Gleim
Gleim Publications, Inc.
Eric Lynn
Chief Flight Instructor
Galvin Flying Services
Ken Pires
Jet Aviation
Bert Postma
Stanford Flying Club
Matt Ruwe
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Bose Corporation
Victor Veltze
Marketing Representative
FRASCA Air Services Inc Int'l
Meeting minutes are provided by the staff liaison to committee members. All other members are encouraged to contact the staff liaison for additional information on any topics that were discussed at prior meetings.
Staff Contacts
Megan Eisenstein
Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs
National Air Transportation Association