NATA Action Center

NATA urges you to make your voice heard about the local, state and national issues affecting your business.

Read about NATA’s most current issues in Congress and state legislatures and take action! Send a message to your elected officials and make a difference for general aviation businesses across the nation. NATA’s legislative team is here to offer information on state and federal issues and offers this tool for you to communicate with state legislators and Members of Congress.

Why Advocate?
NATA members are general aviation experts, and we need you to join in our work to advocate for general aviation businesses at every level of government. Your local advocacy efforts are a key part of continuing the bipartisan support NATA receives in Congress.

As we head into a reauthorization of the FAA, local advocacy is especially vital to ensuring your voice is heard on Capitol Hill. Building a relationship with your state legislators and Members of Congress and their staff will set you up as an expert on legislative issues affecting general aviation businesses and will have policymakers asking for your input when drafting legislation that will impact your business.

In addition to the items here on the NATA Action Center, you can find more tips on other advocacy actions you can take in our Community Relations Toolkit. 

How Do I Take Action?

Contact Your Respective Members of Congress for National issues Affecting Your Business and the Industry

Contact Your Respective Legislators for Local and State Issues Affecting Your Business