National Air Transportation Association Political Action Committee
Updated April 16, 2013

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The National Air Transportation Association Political Action Committee (NATAPAC), an arm of the National Air Transportation Association (NATA), supports, advocates, and defends NATA members’ aviation interests. The purpose of NATAPAC is recognizing members of the United States Congress that advocate for legislation beneficial to aviation businesses.

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What is a PAC?
Under the Federal Election Campaign Act, incorporated trade associations like NATA may establish and finance political committees called separate segregated funds or political action committees (PAC) that support candidates for federal office.
Why should I join NATAPAC?
NATAPAC supports the Congressional candidates who support aviation businesses. NATAPAC expresses the support of its members by donating to campaigns of U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate candidates. Often times it is important to express our voice politically in addition to our policy initiatives.
Is NATAPAC Nonpartisan?
NATAPAC contributes to candidates of both political parties. Support for NATA member companies and policy goals are the top factor in determining to whom NATAPAC will donate.
Who can contribute to the PAC?
NATA is permitted to solicit contributions for its PAC from individuals who are members and, with appropriate authorization, certain individuals (the restricted class) associated with corporations who are members of NATA. The following individuals may be solicited:
  1. NATA’s executive and administrative personnel (restricted class) and their families;
  2. NATA’s noncorporate members (e.g. individuals and partnerships) and their families; and
  3. With prior approval, the restricted class of NATA’s incorporated members that is composed of the corporation's executive and administrative personnel, its stockholders, and their families.


What can I do to join the PAC?
To solicit the restricted class of NATA’s corporate members, the association first must gain written approval from the company. Authorized personnel must complete and return by fax the attached solicitation authorization form. The corporation may not approve solicitations by more than one trade association (such as NBAA) for the same calendar year.
Limited Liability Company (LLC) Information
Recently, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) released a new set of rules governing contributions given by limited liability companies (LLC). If an LLC treats itself as a corporation for federal income tax purposes, NATAPAC must gain written approval from the LLC before soliciting their restricted class. Should this apply to your company, we ask that you please review and fill out the solicitation authorization form attached and return it by fax it to the number at the top of the page.

However, if an LLC treats itself as a partnership for tax purposes, NATAPAC may directly solicit your company for contributions.

Member to Member Contributions
Individuals authorized to contribute to NATAPAC may also ask that their contribution be forwarded through NATAPAC to specific candidates for Congress. NATA will immediately forward the contribution to the campaign of that individual’s choice.

NATAPAC Leadership

NATAPAC Administrator:
Rebecca Mulholland
Assistant Manager, Legislative Affairs