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General aviation businesses are confronted with issues that require prompt attention, including airport and land use, security, taxation, aircraft noise and emissions, and other priorities that arise. It is important to act fast and effectively to protect and preserve aviation businesses. In an effort to strengthen its government advocacy, NATA has developed a State Advocacy Network (SAN) to stay ahead of and defend against unwarranted issues in every state throughout the county. The network is made up of regional volunteers who act as representatives to keep each other and the association informed of pressing issues in their state. Be sure to contact your local NATA’s State Advocacy Representative and reach out to your legislators regarding your specific issue. The following template was created to help you formulate a message to your legislators for issues or to stress the importance of general aviation to the community.
Contact Your Respective Legislators:
Step 1 - Click here to find your legislators.
Step 2 - Use the message below as a template to communicate your issue or express the importance of general aviation.
Step 3 - Remember to invite legislators, media and members of the community to your facility for a tour or event.
Have your voice heard!

Contact Your Respective Legislators
Message Template:
[Your Company Logo/Letterhead]
Dear [Mr. Mayor, Mr. Editor, etc]:
I am writing to you to solicit your support [ Add your particular issue such as: in the development of a new terminal, in building an FBO, in addressing burdensome tax assessments, in highlighting the significant importance of general aviation, etc.]. The public is not as familiar with aviation businesses and general aviation as commercial aviation (airlines) primarily because there are fewer passengers traveling on business aircraft. Business aircraft transport executives seeking to expand their companies, build factories, create new jobs by hiring people and contribute to the economic success of the communities in which they invest.
The following links give additional information on the importance of general aviation:
In order to gain a better understanding of aviation businesses and our particular issues, I would like to invite you to my facility for a tour. Would [insert date and time] work for your schedule? If not, please let me know a convenient time that works better.
[Insert a paragraph that specifically describes your business and airport.]
Thank you in advance for your time. I look forward to seeing you in [Month of visit request].
[Your Name]
[Title, Organization]