1) NATA is working with industry to raise charitable donations for organizations supporting America's veterans. The project launches May 2016 and will go through October 2016 culminating in a check presentation to the veterans organizations.

2) NATA members are asked to participate by displaying American-made flag pins in their operations with signage suggesting a donation of $1.00 per pin. Each company should secure their own supply of flag pins. You may find suggested pin and display box sources as well as language for signage using the links.

3) The funds for this project will be collected through NATA. Please send a check covering the amount of the donations to NATA's headquarters (NATA-Flag Pin Project, 818 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 900, Washington, DC 20006) on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. The check must be made out to NATA-Flag Pin Project and received by October 31, 2016 so that we may have a proper accounting for the overall 2016 program.

4) Participating NATA members will be recognized on NATA's website, on our social media channels, in project-specific electronic communications, and in the Aviation Business Journal. To ensure recognition for your participation, please contact Shannon Chambers at

5) NATA members may also participate and receive recognition for making a direct donation to the NATA-Flag Pin Project fund.

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