Professional Line Service Training (PLST Online)
Course Overview

"PLST Online is very thorough and quite good. I thought the training was wonderful, and I actually learned quite a bit more from it than I might have expected as somebody with a lot of experience in the industry." - Gary Davis, Don Davis Aviation
"This program goes a long way to prove an operation's safety consciousness and commitment. PLST Online saves FBOs money and does a real service for their customers, fuel suppliers and insurance companies." - Steve Loyd, Loyd's Aviation

The men and women who safely marshal, fuel and manage aircraft are integral to the success of your business.
The Safety 1st PLST Online is the premier standard in training for these line service professionals.

The Industry Recognized Leader in Line Safety Training
  • Over 16,000 students have trained with Safety 1st
  • Safety 1st Logo recognized by corporate flight departments, charter operators & private pilots
  • Many aviation fuel distributors utilize PLST Online for their customers
  • FAA Approved Fire Safety Course


Interactive & Engaging Content
  • Contains over 4,000 images and 300 videos
  • Includes pop-quizzes and interactive training screens
  • Includes over 9 hours of quality instruction
  • Online training platform means students learn at a comfortable pace

More than just online training...
  • Comprehensive training platform based upon industry standards & best practices
  • Resources for classroom training
  • Required practical exams and hands-on training
  • Access to the Aircraft Ground Service Online (AGSO)