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Shutdown of Federal Government

December 22, 2018

FROM: Gary Dempsey, President

SUBJECT: Shutdown of Federal Government

Last night, the United States Senate failed to reach the number of votes required to pass House-approved legislation extending partial government funding through February 8, 2019. As a result, at midnight the federal government ceased all services at the Department of Transportation and six other departments, except for those deemed essential.

Among the essential services are air traffic control (including contract towers) as well as TSA and Customs operations. The collection of aviation taxes will also continue and the FAA’s aircraft registration activities will operate normally, however, activities including the issuance of airmen certificates and facility security inspections will stop. 

In addition to the shuttering of the Department of Transportation, other departments affected by the partial government shutdown include Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-Science, Homeland Security, Financial Services-General Government, Interior-Environment, and State. 

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The President, House of Representatives and Senate currently remain in Washington, DC, and we hope an agreement to reopen the Department of Transportation and other unfunded departments of the government can be reached soon.

NATA will continue to update you as events warrant.

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