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Ride Share Advocates Not Giving Up On Lower Flying Safety Standards

Ride Share Advocates Not Giving Up On Lower Flying Safety Standards

Washington, DC, March 17, 2017 – In an article in the March 16, 2017 Wall Street Journal (An Easy way to make the Skies Friendlier), advocates for aviation ride-sharing applications like Flytenow suggest helping disadvantaged private pilots build experience by letting them fly passengers for hire. Today, the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) provided the Wall Street Journal a response reiterating the dangers of such a model:

“Having failed to undermine safety through the courts, proponents now suggest Secretary Chao act by fiat or Congress legislatively to weaken the flying public’s safety net,” stated NATA President Martin H. Hiller.

“Contrary to the authors’ assertions,” Hiller continued, “the FAA has been consistent in its policy. If a pilot wants to get paid to fly, they must comply with regulatory requirements placed on charter aircraft.  These include additional pilot training and increased oversight of the aircraft’s maintenance. The FAA allows a limited exception for people with a common purpose to share expenses on a trip with the same destination (For example, a pilot who flies friends, family or co-workers to a common destination like a resort or conference).  The author’s proposal allows pilots with as few as 35 hours, no training for flying in poor weather, no insurance, or even the need to file a flight plan, to carry passengers for hire.” 

Hiller concluded, “Supporters of this proposal continue to try and distract readers by focusing on the technology used to communicate, despite clear direction from the FAA and courts that it isn’t the method but rather the intent and outcome of the communication that matters.  Make no mistake about it, this isn’t internet innovation, it’s just dangerous.”

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