AIC Aircraft Re-Registration Program
NATA and AIC Title Service, LLC are making available an affordable, simple to use program that allows for re-registrations to be professionally processed and tracked using a straightforward Web interface.
By partnering with AIC, NATA is able to offer aviation businesses access to a service that air charter operators and flight schools, especially those with managed aircraft, will find particularly valuable.

Key benefits of the AIC Aircraft Re-Registration Program:
  • Those who manage aircraft can ensure uninterrupted registration, providing continued operational ability for owners and for charter/rental flights.
  • Aircraft managers offering to handle the re-registration process for owners is a tangible value-added benefit, saving them time and effort.
  • By working through AIC, you have ability to specify where the new registration certificate is delivered. This is especially beneficial to charter operators and flight schools. For example, new certificates can be directed to the air charter operator’s place of business, the location where an aircraft is typically based, or anywhere the owner and manager agree upon.
  • AIC helps you ensure the forms are fully and accurately completed to avoid any unnecessary delays.
  • AIC provides detailed information on the progress of a re-registration through an on-line interface that allows tracking the status of your entire fleet quickly and easily, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to assure aircraft owners their FAA obligations are being met.
  • AIC hand delivers each registration to the FAA, ensuring traceable delivery and avoiding the uncertainty that may come with the FAA-sponsored interface.
  • Available to members and non-members.
  • All the benefits of this system are available for just $45 per aircraft per registration or renewal.
The AIC Aircraft Re-registration Program is a timely, efficient and professional tool that air charter and flight schools will find highly valuable. NATA is pleased to deliver this service to our members and the industry-at-large.
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