NATA FAA Medical Certification Services Program

The NATA FAA Medical Certification Services benefit program is now exclusively available through the association to all Part 135 air carriers and their pilots, as well as Part 91 corporate flight departments and their pilots, for a budget-friendly flat, per-pilot monthly fee. NATA members are eligible for a significant additional discount.

Administered by Harvey Watt & Co., this program was previously available only when combined with insurance products or by Airlines to their pilots. NATA’s FAA Medical Certification Services program grants an operator’s pilots unlimited confidential access to doctors & nurses, a subscription to Harvey Watt’s monthly Aviation Medical Bulletin and expert representation in submitting documents to the FAA, responding to FAA inquiries, expediting recertification case reviews, appeals, and presenting cases to specialty FAA board hearings.

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Three Levels of Assistance
The Aviation Medical Bulletin is provided electronically to all members of the airline or association delivering brief summaries of the latest health research and studies.
Don't hesitate to call or email. Our doctors can help pilots and their treating physicians evaluate treatment options.

We know FAA requirements, when to take action, and how to avoid unnecessary grounding and certification delays.
Confidential assistance from full-time doctors and nurses led by Dr. Waren Silberman, former Chief of the FAA Certification Division. We submit cases, expedite approval, interface with the FAA on pilots' behalf, handle appeals, and confidentially advocate for airmen.
Benefits Overview
  • As an FAA-recognized "Pilot Advocacy Organization," Harvey Watt helps pilots receive expedited case reviews and decisions by leveraging their knowledge of what documentation/testing is needed
  • Work directly with the FAA Medical Certification Institute in Oklahoma City Federal Flight Surgeon in Washington, D.C. and Regional Flight Surgeons
  • Proactive AeroMedical guidance reduces time away from cockpit
  • Respond quickly to FAA requests on behalf of pilots
  • Proactively identify and assist pilots affected by unpublished FAA changes to the approved medications list

Contact Harvey Watt at 800-241-6103 or visit