Dan L. Meisinger, Sr. Memorial Learn to Fly Scholarship

The Dan L. Meisinger Sr. Memorial Learn to Fly Scholarship was established in the honor and memory of Dan L. Meisinger Sr., whose career in aviation spanned 63 years. He was founder of Executive Beechcraft, headquartered in Kansas City, MO., and was twice named Beech Aircraft's Man of the Year. The purpose of this fund is to provide an annual flight training scholarship to a qualified individual.

Applicants for the Dan L. Meisinger Sr. Memorial Learn to Fly Scholarship must be:
  • A college student currently enrolled in an aviation program.
  • A high academic achiever with a "B" average or better.
  • Recommended by an aviation professional, although direct applications are acceptable.
  • Residents of Kansas, Missouri or Illinois will be given preference.


The Dan L. Meisinger Sr. Memorial Learn to Fly Scholarship, in the amount is $2,500, is to be used for the express purpose of initial or primary flight training.
  • Applicants MUST download the Appraisal and Endorsement Form before beginning the application process. This is required to complete the online application.
  • Interested students must complete an application online  NO LATER than the last Friday in November.  All applications not including the required documents indicated on the application will not be considered.
  • All information received becomes the property of NATF, is considered confidential, and is reviewed only by the screening committee and NATF officials.

Recipient Notification

The recipient will be notified in writing by the end of April. All other applicants will be notified in writing by mid-May. Our scholarship recipients are announced to the public in issues of general aviation publications, such as our Aviation Business Journal and also featured on our website.
Payment of Scholarships
The Dan L. Meisinger Sr. Memorial Learn to Fly Scholarship check will be made payable jointly to the recipient and the applicable flight school (and must be endorsed by both). Checks will be mailed to the recipient's address stipulated on the scholarship acknowledgement form.
Recipients are required to supply copies of pertinent training records, and to notify NATF of any changes of address, school enrollment or other relevant information. Except as described here, no obligation is assumed by NATF, members of its scholarship selection committee, or the National Air Transportation Association. Tax liability, if any, will be the sole responsibility of the recipient.
NATF reserves the right to review the conditions and procedures and to make changes at any time, including termination, of the scholarship program. Previously approved scholarships will not be affected by subsequent changes to the program.
Additional Information
Questions regarding this scholarship program should be emailed to   Safety1st@nata.aero.

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