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OSHA Hazard Communication Webinar
Workers' Compensation 101 Webinar
Operation and Safety Audit "Gotchas"
What FBO Customers Want - AIN Survey Says....
New NATA Workers Compensation Insurance Program™ = Savings
OSHA Hazard Communcations - What does it mean to your business? Webinar - Free
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set a deadline of December 1, 2013 for training of employees on the 2012 changes to the Hazard Communications (HazCom) Standard. Is your company prepared?

The OSHA HazCom standard was enacted in the 1980’s and provides workers with the right to know about hazardous chemicals they may be exposed to at work. This webinar is presented at no charge in an effort to educate our members and the industry in general on the requirements of the OSHA HazCom Standard and changes made to that standard in 2012

Speakers: George Gamble, President, 2G Environmental and Mike France, Director, Safety & Training, NATA
Workers' Compensation 101 Webinar - Free
Understanding the basics of Workers’ Compensation Insurance and how it affects your bottom line is a vital part of doing business today. Learn about how to minimize your overall risk, find out you can maximize your savings with Dividend Plans, and discover how your Modification (MOD) factor can influence your rates for 3-years. Attendees will gain an understanding of National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) employee classification codes and the dangers of misclassification. Understanding aviation class codes and how they apply to your employees’ overall coverage will help prepare you for unexpected onsite audits from NCCI. All this and more, straight from our industry experts Robert McManus and Dick Woodall from Beacon Aviation Insurance Services.

Speakers: Dick Woodall and Bob McManus
Operational and Safety Audit “Gotchas” - $49.95
Do you have an operational or safety audit coming up this year? Are you sure you’re prepared? NATA is hosting a special webinar at 1 PM EDT on May 9 to discuss common third-party audit problem areas and frequent findings.
Lindsey McFarren, President of McFarren Aviation Consulting, will be the speaker. Lindsey is a certified Air Charter Safety Foundation Industry Audit Standard auditor, International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) auditor, and NATA Ground Audit Standard auditor. She has conducted numerous third-party audits utilizing these standards as well as dozens of operational and safety assessments for Part 135 operators.
Lindsey will share her experiences regarding common audit “gotchas” and overall problem areas, including:
  • Policy vs. procedure
  • Flight and duty misunderstandings
  • Training recordkeeping
  • And more
Speakers: Lindsey McFarren, President of McFarren Aviation Consulting
What FBO Customers Want - AIN Survey Says... Webinar - Free
Aviation International News (AIN) surveys users every year and ranks FBOs according to their input. Join Curt Epstein and gain perspective on the background of this survey and the real mechanics behind its highly anticipated results.
What will you take away from this webinar?
  • The historical background of this survey
  • The methodical process behind this survey
  • The categories that evolved over the years
  • Hear highly anticipated comments of the users
  • Learn who the top ranked FBOS are
  • Learn why users avoid an FBO
  • Learn why users select an FBO
Speakers: Curt Epstein and David Leach with Aviation International News
New NATA Workers' Compensation Insurance Program™ = Savings Webinar - Free
NATA and Beacon Aviation Insurance Services hosted a webinar last Thursday for members with questions about the new NATA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program™. John Cunningham, President, Bob McManus, Vice President, and Dick Woodall, Director Sales & Marketing at Beacon answered questions about the new program, how it is different from previously offered workers’ compensation programs, how to get a quote and switch providers, and more.

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