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January 9, 2013     null     Volume 12 Issue 1
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nullIRS Announces Excise Tax Rates For 2013

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced the 2013 federal excise tax (FET) rates for commercial aviation. The new rates are in effect beginning January 1, 2013.

The commercial FET rates subject to annual inflationary adjustment are the Domestic Segment Fee, International Facilities Fee and the fee for flights to Alaska and Hawaii. Other rates (e.g. noncommercial fuel taxes, 7.5% for commercial passenger transportation and 6.25% for cargo) remain in effect unchanged and are not subject to inflationary adjustments.

The adjusted FET rates are:

  • Domestic Transportation of Persons Segment Fee : $3.90
  • International Facilities Fee: $17.20
  • Fee for flights to Alaska and Hawaii: $8.60

The revised fee rates are listed in IRS Internal Revenue Bulletin 2012-45.

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nullNATA Asks FAA To Withdraw Proposed Repair Station Rule

As part of its formal comments submitted to the FAA on November 19, NATA asked that the agency withdraw its proposed rule changes affecting certificated repair stations. The association noted that the rulemaking:

  • Does not achieve its stated purpose
  • Cost far more to implement than expected
  • Imposes significant cost without corresponding increases in safety
  • Likely cannot be supported with existing FAA resources
  • Cannot be rewritten to be acceptable without further public comment

NATA’s comments also provided the results of an industry survey the association performed to understand better the possible costs associated with this proposal:

“NATA conducted a survey of its repair station members that considered the cost of the recertification application, manual revisions and tool/equipment rentals for the compliance inspection (tools/equipment are now required as a result of the loss of the prior option to show a contract for tooling). NATA’s survey determined that the total cost of this rulemaking is in excess of $846 million, which is greater than a 5,000% increase in cost over FAA estimates.”

NATA’s full comments are available for review by clicking here.

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nullPresident Obama Seals Deal On U.S. Exemption From EU-ETS

On November 27, President Obama signed a bill shielding U.S. airlines from paying a tax for each ton of carbon their planes emit while flying into and out of Europe. Passage of S. 1956, the European Union (EU) Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) Prohibition Act of 2011, comes just after the European Commission proposed to halt EU-ETS implementation for aviation temporarily to allow time for a global agreement to be reached through the International Civil Aviation Organization.

“NATA looks forward to working with Congress, the administration and national and international organizations to ensure that progress is being made in creating and agreeing upon a global solution for managing aviation’s carbon emissions,” stated NATA President and CEO Tom Hendricks.

For more information on EU-ETS, visit NATA’s Issue Page.

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nullFAA Proposes New Maintenance Rules For Larger Part 135 Aircraft

The FAA has published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that seeks to enhance the oversight standards for contract aircraft maintenance for air carrier aircraft. The NPRM, Air Carrier Contract Maintenance Requirements, proposes new requirements for all Part 121 air carriers and any Part 135 air carrier that operates aircraft type certificated for 10 or more passenger seats.

The proposed rules would require operators to develop policies, procedures, methods, and instructions for performing contract maintenance that are acceptable to the FAA and to include them in their maintenance manuals. The rules would also require the operators to provide a list to the FAA of all persons with whom they contract their maintenance.

The NPRM is in response to a congressional mandate to impose such rules on Part 121 air carriers, but the FAA is electing to include so-called “10 or more” Part 135 carriers in the rulemaking as well.

NATA will review the NPRM in consultation with the association’s Aircraft Maintenance and Air Charter Committees and provide the FAA with comments. All impacted members are encouraged to comment as well. The FAA will accept comments through February 11, 2013. 

Click here to download the NPRM.

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nullNATA Supports Integration Of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Into The NAS

NATA recently joined other national aviation organizations in signing a letter welcoming the recent remarks made by FAA Acting Administrator Michael Huerta regarding the safe integration of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into the National Airspace System (NAS).

In August, Administrator Huerta addressed the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) 2012 North America Conference, and he stated that the goal of the FAA is to “safely and efficiently integrate unmanned systems into our airspace.” He acknowledged that there would be challenges to a swift and easy integration, but that the FAA will work towards integration in a “thoughtful, careful manner that ensures safety, addresses privacy concerns and promotes economic growth.” Until recently, UAS mainly supported military and security operations. The systems are now looking to save money and enhance safety and lives in the public domain. UAS can be used publically for aerial photography, surveying land and crops, monitoring forest fires and environmental conditions, and protecting borders and ports.

The letter highlights issues involved in the integration of UAS into the NAS, including airspace access limitations; modifications to existing aircraft fleets that fly in the NAS, beyond what is expected to be updated with the implementation of NextGen; and the importance of the agency’s progress in other areas including civil aircraft, repair stations and operations that already experience delays.

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nullNATA Asks FAA To Rerelease Draft Designee Policy

Late last year, in a letter to Flight Standards Service Director John Allen, NATA joined with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Experimental Aircraft Association, National Business Aviation Association, National Association of Flight Instructors, Aircraft Electronics Association and U.S. Parachute Association in asking that the FAA rerelease draft changes to the agency’s designee program and reopen the public comment period on those changes.

The original release was not accompanied by a Federal Register notice and only included a 30-day comment period. NATA, along with others, asked the FAA for a 60-day comment period extension to review the document further, but only a 30-day extension was granted.

In the letter, the industry groups noted, “Our preliminary review of the content of the draft [changes] indicates that its enactment may well lead to a reduction in the number of available designees across all lines of business as well as an additional administrative workload being placed upon all designees and FAA managing staff. We are further concerned that these changes could serve to prolong the economic adversity currently felt by the industry and prolong the economic recovery many hope is in our near future.”

NATA will be working closely with the FAA and other industry associations to provide comments to the FAA on these draft changes to the agency’s designee policy.

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nullNATA Business Management Committee Meeting To Take Place In January
Notice: Date Changed to Tuesday, January 22

The NATA Business Management Committee’s first meeting of 2013 will take place on January 22 in conjunction with the NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference. All NATA committee members are invited to attend this meeting as guests and attend the reception with the NATA Board of Directors that immediately follows the meeting. To register for the meeting and reception, please complete this form and fax to 703-845-8176 or email to

NATA Business Management Committee Meeting and Reception
Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Meeting: Noon – 5:00 p.m.
Reception: 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Housing arrangements may be made through the NBAA website under events for the NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference, January 22-25, 2013.

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null2013 Air Charter Safety Symposium
February 26-27, NTSB Training Center

Register to attend the 2013 Air Charter Safety Symposium to be held at the NTSB Training Center on February 26-27. To be effective, a true culture of safety must be integrated throughout an organization, continuously improved, and regularly audited and accessed. Operators that make this level of safety commitment instill confidence in their employees and customers. The 2013 Air Charter Safety Symposium will address topics that build the case for viewing safety as an investment – an investment that produces tangible results for your company.

Join us to explore the value of safety through leadership, a proactive approach to risk management, effective implementation and execution of safety programs, and best practices that create a high performance safety culture. Visit for more details on this event and to register today.

The ACSF will also hold an Auditor Workshop on February 27-28 at the NTSB Training Center. To register for this workshop, visit the ACSF website.

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nullNATA Spring Training Lineup Announced

NATA is pleased to host our 5th Annual Spring Training Week, March 11-14, 2013, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Spring Training Week is a line service camp featuring all-star seminars designed to enhance safety practices, provide major league knowledge and help you coach your team to a winning season.

Why Attend Spring Training Week? NATA’s Spring Training Week provides the business skills and conditioning necessary for improved performance in 2012 and for years to come.

You’re Safe…The skills and techniques learned at NATA’s Spring Training Week help to ensure safer operations for your team. Don’t miss the opportunity to complete FAA-required 14 CFR 139.321 Fire Safety Training.

Cover Your Bases…Attend all seminars for full coverage of safety, environmental, and training issues.

Hit a Home Run…Apply the skills and tactics you have learned at NATA Spring Training Week right away.

Seminars at Spring Training include Line Service Supervisor Training, FBO Success, NATA Safety 1st Trainer, and Environmental Compliance.

Click here for more information or to register.

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nullNATA State Advocacy Network Aims To Protect Member Interests At The State And Local Levels

NATA’s State Advocacy Network (SAN) is an effort started in January 2012 to increase awareness of state and local issues impacting the general aviation industry and that highlights ongoing state legislation, events and opportunities for NATA members to raise issues or pose questions or concerns for association and industry assistance.

As you know, aviation businesses are confronted with a host of issues, including airport and land use, security, taxation, aircraft noise and emissions, and other priorities that arise. Volunteers of the network will play an important role in the association’s efforts to stimulate and encourage greater involvement among its members with the goal being to build a strong network to defeat unwarranted policies. The network’s website has been used as a platform to gain awareness and support for issues facing members and their businesses and provides news and updates on ongoing state legislation.

If your business or state is experiencing local industry problems that require the association’s support, to view a list of SAN volunteers, or if you hear of problems that may arise and need more information, contact the State Advocacy Network via email at or call (800) 808-6282.

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nullApplications For 2013 AMT Employer Recognition Award Program Now Available

NATA’s Aviation Maintenance Technician Employer Award Program is open to any full-time aircraft and/or components maintenance or repair business or other entity that conducts aviation maintenance. The awards program recognizes aviation maintenance organizations that encourage and support aviation maintenance technician (AMT) training. The award is based on the percentage of AMTs employed (directly or indirectly) by a maintenance organization that participate in qualified training events. An AMT must complete at least 12 hours of training each year to be counted towards the organization’s award percentage.

In 2012, 32 businesses received either the one, three or five star award for their participation in the program. Applications for the 2013 award are now available and will be accepted through January 31, 2013.

2013 AMT Employer Recognition Award Program downloads:

2013 Program Information Packet

2013 Award Program Application

For more information or answers to questions, please contact Michael France at

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nullNATA Maintenance Committee Releases Fall 2012 Best Practice

The NATA Aircraft Maintenance and Systems Technology Committee has released its fall 2012 best practice regarding aircraft minimum equipment lists (MEL). The MEL is a document and method aircraft operators use to obtain relief from federal aviation regulations requiring that all equipment installed on their aircraft be operative at the time of flight. It is aircraft-specific and spells out which pieces of equipment may be allowed to be inoperable along with any procedures that are required for an aircraft to operate under specific conditions while maintaining airworthiness.

Click here to download the MEL Best Practice.

Other Best Practices Available:

For more information on the NATA Aircraft Maintenance and Systems Technology Committee, visit the committee page by clicking here.

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nullNATA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program™ – Fact Of The Week

Beginning January 1, 2013, Beacon Aviation Insurance Services will begin administrating the new NATA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program™. Your agent should get a quote for you.

Not sure if your agent is getting you a quote from the new NATA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program™ for your Workers’ Compensation Insurance renewal? Call your insurance agent and ask.

Click here for more information on the new NATA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program™. Please have your insurance agent send in your submission today.

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