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September 30, 2013  –  Volume 12 Issue 29 

nullFederal Government Shutdown Likely

It appears, barring a last minute breakthrough tonight, the federal government will shut down starting tomorrow, October 1st.   The Senate today rejected the House funding bill that included a provision to delay the implementation of Obamacare for one year.  The House is expected to pass another funding bill today that would include a provision requiring Members of Congress, the President, and certain federal employees to be covered under Obamacare.  It is expected that the Senate will oppose this bill as well.  The impacts of a government shutdown include the furloughing of 15,000 of the Department of Transportation's 55,000 employees.  Over 25,000 DOT employees are protected from furloughs, including air traffic controllers, due to life and safety responsibilities.   It is hard to predict how long this shutdown will last and the debate over whether or not to increase the debt ceiling will begin soon as the federal government is expected to reach the $16.7 trillion debt limit by October 17th.  For more information on the details of DOT's shutdown plan, click here


nullHendricks to Participate on Congressional Committee Roundtable

NATA President Tom Hendricks will participate this week with other industry leaders and Members of Congress on a General Aviation Industry Roundtable hosted by the Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Small Business, Sam Graves.  The Roundtable participants will discuss key issues facing the industry, including the application of Federal Excise Taxes on aircraft management services.  


nullDOT Publishes Air Charter Brokering NPRM

Today, the DOT published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeking to impose new regulatory requirements to protect air charter consumers.  Under the proposal both air charter brokers and air carriers would be required to make certain disclosures to customers.  The DOT is proposing that charter customers receive information on the actual air carrier operating the flight, the aircraft utilized and total trip costs (including applicable fees), among other details.  Additionally, the DOT intends to codify a long-standing exemption related to the ability for indirect air carriers to sell air ambulance services.  Comments on the proposal are due by November 29, 2013. More information is available on the NATA Air Charter Brokering issue page (member login required).  


nullFAA Grants Extension on ECI AD NPRM Comment Period

The FAA has granted a 60-day extension to the Continental Motors, Inc. Reciprocating Engine ECI AD NPRM comment period. The comment period will close Dec. 11 and the Notice is on public display in the Federal Register.  The FAA also added additional information to the docket including a white paper and risk analysis.  NATA will be providing comments, however we encourage our members to also comment.  Please click here to review the docket and comment. 


nullWeekly Regulatory Update

NATA compiles relevant updates from the FAA, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Homeland Security each day from the Federal Register. You may view the latest notices, rules and proposed rules in a single source by clicking here