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ASC Monthly Update

##Date##                                                                                                Volume 6 Issue 9


NATA Airline Services Council 

NATA formed the Airline Services Council (NATA ASC) to further the interests of companies that provide services to scheduled air carriers as their primary business. The primary goal of the NATA ASC is to provide a voice within the public policy arena, especially in terms of issues that impact their viability and profitability..



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Topics in this Volume:



Outstanding Lineup Of Speakers Slated For Next NATA ASC Meeting From October 24-25, 2010 In Las Vegas
The NATA Airline Services Council (NATA ASC) will hold its next in-person meeting on October 24-25, 2010, in Las Vegas, NV. This meeting will provide an outstanding opportunity to meet with a number of key regulatory leaders with jurisdictions over critical issues affecting the airline services industry. Speakers will include:
  • Douglas Hofsass, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Transportation Sector Network Management, TSA
  • Doug Briton, General Manager, Air Cargo, TSA
  • Randall H. Walker, Director, Clark County Department of Aviation

Issues to be addressed during the upcoming meeting include:

  • Airport and cargo security
  • Commercial airport update
  • Airline bankruptcy
  • Insurance
  • Airline industry update
  • Legislative update
  • Streamlined badging processing

For more information about the upcoming NATA ASC meeting, please visit the links below or contact Eric R. Byer on the NATA staff.

Link to Agenda

Link to Participation Form

Sixteenth Extension Passed For FAA Reauthorization Legislation
The U.S. House of Representatives voted on September 23, 2010, to extend the current authorization for federal aviation programs through December 31, 2010. H.R. 6190, Airport and Airways Extension Act of 2010, Part III ensures that aviation programs, taxes, and Airport and Airway Trust Fund expenditure authority will continue without interruption pending completion of long-term FAA reauthorization legislation. The long-term bill will not be completed before the current authority for aviation programs expires on September 30, 2010.

The most recent long-term FAA reauthorization act, the Vision 100–Century of Aviation Reauthorization Act (P.L. 108-176), expired on September 30, 2007. Although the House and Senate passed FAA reauthorization bills this year, the final bill is being delayed in the Senate due to a provision that would significantly increase the number of long-distance flights at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA). The provision is strongly opposed by Members of Congress and Senators who represent the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region. They argue it would create a burden on DCA by creating congestion at terminals and that it would siphon passengers away from Washington Dulles International Airport. 

Without a long-term FAA bill, major aviation projects such as NextGen and the jobs they would create remain on hold. It is uncertain whether the opportunity for final passage of the bill will present itself after the federal elections.

Association Launches 2010 Gubernatorial Election Webpage
Five weeks remain until Election Day, and it appears we will likely see big changes to the current political landscape. Governors in 37 states are up for re-election this year. Currently, 20 seats are held by Democratic incumbents and 19 by Republican incumbents. Of the Democratic-held governorships, 8 are held by incumbents who are term-limited, while 4 others are voluntarily choosing not to seek election or re-election. Of the Republican-held governorships, 8 are held by incumbents who are term-limited, while 4 others are voluntarily choosing not to seek re-election, and incumbent Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons was denied re-nomination by losing the Republican primary.

NATA has developed an interactive map highlighting the 2010 gubernatorial races. To track the 2010 gubernatorial races, please click here.

Industry Letter Supports Implementation Of U.S.-EU Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement
Recently, NATA joined several other aviation industry groups, including the Aerospace Industries Association, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the Cargo Airline Association, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association and the National Business Aviation Association in a letter to U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Ray LaHood supporting implementation of a U.S. – European Union bilateral aviation safety agreement.

The aviation industry letter supports the agreement to improve aviation safety and enable the more efficient flow of trade to bolster the struggling U.S. aerospace industry. The agreement would also “permit a planned modification in the fees and charges assigned to U.S. aerospace manufacturers for EASA validation of products certificated by the FAA and will protect U.S. repair stations from redundant and costly safety inspections by European regulators.”

To read a copy of the complete industry letter to DOT Secretary LaHood, please click here.

NATA President’s Capitol View Blog Post: “One Question To Ask Every Candidate”
by NATA President James K. Coyne
As an election approaches, people in aviation often ask me to evaluate various candidates to help them determine if an incumbent or the challenger is more likely to help our industry. This can be a very complicated subject.

Click here to read the full post.

Policy Playbook Blog Post: “Minimum Standards, Minimal Confusion”
by NATA Manager, Regulatory Affairs Dennis Van de Laar
During my relatively short time here at NATA, I have had the pleasure of speaking with a variety of our members and hearing their individual questions and concerns. The relationship between airport and FBO appears to be the most prevalent concern. Over the last months, I have heard of many cases where it appears the thought processes of airport personnel and those of the FBO operating on the field are not well understood by each other.

Click here to read the full post.

Do You Like The Movies?
by Jack Evans, NATA ASC Chairman
Do you like movies? I love using movies as a teaching tool because the characters always appear so profound and eloquent. And some of the lines are really memorable. Who doesn’t think of Dirty Harry if you were to say, “Go ahead. Make my day.” Or how about Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz with “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”

One of the best movies I’ve ever seen on leadership is Darryl Zanuck’s “Twelve O’clock High” with Gregory Peck. The story is about a U.S. Army-Air Corps bomb group at the start of World War II. The reason it’s applicable to us is that it shows what happens to the group when the Group Commander, Colonel Keith Davenport, begins to worry more about his men and less about accomplishing the mission. They become known as “The Hard Luck Group.” Seemingly minor issues are allowed to build until the accumulation of this lack of discipline is nearly catastrophic for the entire group.

The same thing can happen whether you’re flying airplanes or in any other business line. If a supervisor allows his concern for his people to outweigh his concern for the job, bad things begin to happen and they build on each other in a downward spiral. Pretty soon you have a group that is having all kinds of problems, suffering accidents or injuries, and they become known as “The Bad Luck Group” or something similar. That’s not to imply that one should disregard the needs of their subordinates to accomplish the job, just that he or she needs to be fair and balanced while trying to take care of both the people and the job.

In the movie, Brigadier General Frank Savage, played by Gregory Peck, comes in when Col. Davenport is relieved of command. Brigadier General Savage appears to be ruling with an iron fist. He demands discipline and he returns to concentrating on the basics to make sure that everyone can fly the way they’re supposed to fly. The result is a return to success and a sense of pride in the organization. Losers become winners and the bomb group excels.

So, if you’re having an issue with a particular group within your company, think about the movies. Maybe there’s a movie that just might give you a clue as to how to handle the situation. And if you have an organization that starts having a lot of minor issues, think of using “Twelve O’clock High” as a way of preventing minor accidents from building into something disastrous. In the meantime, see you at the movies!   

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ASC Company Profile: Airport Terminal Services
By Sally Leible, President & COO, Airport Terminal Services

Oh, Canada!  Airport Terminal Services recently completed acquisitions on two aviation companies in Canada.  We didn’t really set out to do that – but, alas, we closed the transactions within just two weeks of each other!  The honest truth is every now and again you come across a real pearl or two and you must act.

ATS has traditionally grown organically.  Actually, we are quite fierce about our independence and extraordinarily proud of our ATSers!  Our last acquisition was when we had our very first foray into Canada back in 1999. 

Let me start off by telling you what we bought.  We first acquired Bulmer Services (BAS) in Atlantic Canada.  ATS is quite thrilled to be now extending relationships with some customers and creating new ones in Moncton, New Brunswick; St. John, New Brunswick; Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; and Magdalen Islands, Quebec.  In addition to ramp, passenger and cargo services in Moncton, we are now also the operators of a Shell FBO and a flight kitchen. 

We also were quite fortunate to acquire Wing Tips in Calgary, Alberta.  WingTips is well known for providing premium passenger services to European international scheduled and charter carriers, as well as Canadian airline carriers.  The WingTips service is so well thought of and unique that ATS has decided not to mess with success and has elected to continue this as a separate division and brand.

Now that I’ve told you the basic facts, let me tell you the bare-naked truth:  I have learned so very much from these two events.  And, if Jeff Smisek and Gary Parker are listening as they begin their leadership for their impending mergers, it is all so profoundly simple:  It is all about the people! 

Let me first expound on the folks up in Atlantic Canada.  As our company grew, many of us were quite excited to develop specialties, and that still can be good.  But, the good folks in our newest Atlantic Canada Region reminded me that the sweet spot is in the basics.  These folks genuinely do a little bit of everything – they are the kings of “can do.”  I did a ride around with one of the leaders on the ramp.  He pointed out which airplanes had cargo, who needed bags of ice, and when the counter was closing out last bags.  He was simply so damn proud of the work of his crew and the ownership down to the last detail.  We were in HIS YARD – no denying it.

Now, on to Calgary and WingTips.  You have never in your life seen such a simple customer service concept so flawlessly delivered – and it starts with the leadership of the former owner and founder, Chris Richardson.  I witnessed him personally go down to the jetway after greeting arriving passengers from a full wide-body aircraft and welcome the flight crew to Calgary!  Yes, I said the flight crew!  Not in his description?  That is not in his vocabulary.  He is truly an ambassador for his customer, the airport – heck, the whole city of Calgary!  He wrote the book “how to love your customer,” and he practices it in full view of his staff every day.

I am humbled by the outstanding folks at both of these companies.  While ATS will surely plan to share with them our ingredients for success, they have already shown us what we need to be reminded of each and every day: Care about your job; care about your fellow workers and, oh yeah, love your customer!

NATA Members Can Now Save On Uniform Services

NATA is pleased to announce a new program with ARAMARK Uniform Services to provide its members access to a discounted uniform rental and leasing solution. This money- and time-saving membership benefit was recently negotiated to provide added value to your membership.  
ARAMARK Uniform Services is America’s leading supplier of rugged work wear, uniforms, outerwear, safety apparel and anything else you need to outfit your workers for America’s toughest jobs. Their state-of-the-art facilities let you personalize your work wear for a professional brand image. ARAMARK is also a single-source provider of flame resistant apparel and arc flash protective equipment.

NATA members may now take advantage of these valuable and convenient savings:

• 20% off rental and lease uniform rates

• 20% off facility services (mats, towels, mops, restroom supplies, etc.) 

To learn more about ARAMARK and the products and services that are available, please click here to log in and visit the Member Resource area of

NATA Members Can Now Save Up To 10% On A Car Rental With Hertz
Wherever your travel takes you, close to home or around the world, your NATA CDP number is the key to special savings. Be sure to include it in all of your reservations. To view and print an NATA CDP card, click here. To find the lowest rates, special offers and information about Hertz locations, vehicles and services, click here for a link.

2010 NATA Airline Services Council Brochure Now Available For Member Use
Earlier this year, NATA updated and published its 2010 NATA Airline Services Council brochure. This brochure provides information on the latest activities that the NATA ASC is undertaking, including issues, meeting schedule and member listing.

The 2010 NATA ASC brochure is now available for download by clicking here.

Members interested in receiving professionally printed hard copies of this brochure may contact Eric Byer on the NATA staff.

New NATA ASC Logo Available For Member Use
NATA has created a new NATA ASC logo that members can use on company stationery, publications and their Web site. The association recently provided members with two types of logos that members can use as appropriate. Members wishing to secure the new logo may do so by contacting Eric Byer.



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