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ASC Monthly Update

February 28, 2011                                                                                   Volume 6 Issue 2


NATA Airline Services Council 

NATA formed the Airline Services Council (NATA ASC) to further the interests of companies that provide services to scheduled air carriers as their primary business. The primary goal of the NATA ASC is to provide a voice within the public policy arena, especially in terms of issues that impact their viability and profitability..


Upcoming Events


2011 Day On The Hill and Committee Meetings- 05/04/2011 - Washington, DC

Line Service Supervisor Training- 05/24/2011 - Windsor Locks, CT

OSHA Safety and Health Training for Ground Ops- 05/26/2011 - Windsor Locks, CT

2011 Air Charter Summit- 06/06/2011 - Dulles, VA 

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Professional Line Service Training 


PLST Online provides the most up-to-date training available for line service specialists – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Line service supervisors can conduct the new PLST Online training anytime and from anywhere there is access to the Web.   

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Next NATA Airline Services Council Conference Slated For March 18
The next meeting of the NATA Airline Services Council will take place on Friday, March 18, from 12:00 noon to 1:30p.m. via conference call. A complete agenda for this call can be viewed by clicking here. 


For more details, please contact Eric Byer on the NATA staff.

Congress Reconvenes To An Aggressive Agenda
The U.S. Congress reconvenes this week after a district work period to address a number of issues with looming deadlines. U.S. Senate Democrats are working on a seven-month continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government past March 4 that reduces spending below current levels. The bill would cut $8.5 billion by eliminating previously approved earmarks while accelerating about $24.7 billion in program eliminations or reductions sought by President Obama in his fiscal year 2012 budget proposal. The U.S. House of Representatives passed the CR, H.R. 1, on February 19, 2011.


Also this week, H.R. 658, the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2011, is expected to be a focus of the U.S. House of Representatives, specifically the House Committee on Ways and Means, which has jurisdiction over the tax title of H.R 658. The current extension expires on March 31, 2011, which leaves only three weeks remaining before the extension deadline and the next House recess March 21-25. 

Senate Finalizes Two-Year FAA Reauthorization Bill
Recently, the U.S. Senate approved S. 223, FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act. The bill authorizes the FAA through September 2013, among other provisions. In addition, the legislation authorizes the Airport and Airway Trust Fund and the extension of various aviation taxes, including the 14-cents-per-gallon increase on jet fuel that has been incorporated into previous legislation.


A major topic of debate while the bill was being considered on the floor of the U.S. Senate was the controversial issue of allowing additional long-distance flights into Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA). Currently, 12 long-distance flights are allowed into and out of DCA daily. A compromise amendment doubles the number of flights with the potential for eight more after a thorough FAA study.

“NATA is pleased that the Senate has worked so diligently to pass such an important bill for the aviation industry,” stated NATA President James K. Coyne. “We thank Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation Chairman John Rockefeller and Ranking Member Kay Bailey Hutchison for shepherding this bi-partisan legislation through the Senate.”

With the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure marking up its version of long-term legislation earlier this week, there is optimism that the full House will soon approve the bill so a House-Senate conference committee can meet to resolve remaining differences between the bills and then send to the President. “As the March 31st deadline looms, we encourage leaders in both the House and Senate to continue building on this progress so a long-term bill can reach the President’s desk without having to do another short-term extension,” Coyne concluded. 

To view NATA’s Legislative Report on S. 223, please click here.

Coyne Applauds Passage Of Long-Term FAA Reauthorization Bill By House Committee
Recently, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure approved H.R. 658, FAA Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2011. A four-year bill, H.R. 658 includes a number of critically important initiatives including streamlining and authorizing funding for NextGen air traffic control modernization projects. 


The bill also includes two provisions supported by the association that would require the FAA to address the consistency of its regulatory interpretations as well as to analyze the size and scope of the Part 135 on-demand air charter industry.

“We applaud the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure for approving a comprehensive, long-term reauthorization bill,” stated NATA President James K. Coyne. “This bill provides a solid foundation to continue modernizing our air traffic control system, while addressing issues important to our membership including the lack of consistency with FAA regulatory interpretations and a study reviewing the makeup of the Part 135 industry.”

The House Committee on Ways and Means will next mark-up the tax title of the bill, and the complete bill will head to the Floor for consideration and approval by the U.S. House of Representatives.

“We thank Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman John Mica and Subcommittee on Aviation Chairman Thomas Petri for their leadership on this bill, and strongly support passage of the measure by the entire U.S. House of Representatives as soon as possible,” Coyne concluded.

To view NATA’s Legislative Report on H.R. 658, please click here.

President Offers FY 2012 Budget Proposal
Recently, President Obama offered his administration’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 budget proposal. The proposal, like last year’s, did not include any “user fee” proposals for the general aviation community and provides for a $370 million increase in funding for NextGen air traffic control modernization projects. The President’s budget also slashes Airport Improvement Project funding from $3.5 billion for FY 2011 to $2.4 billion in FY 2012.


“We believe that the President’s FY 2012 Budget proposal clearly identifies the need to modernize our nation’s air traffic control system,” stated NATA President James K. Coyne. “The President’s proposal is the first step in an important process to ensure the necessary funding to support NextGen, airport infrastructure development and a number of other critical safety programs.

To view NATA’s Legislative Report on the President’s FY 2012 budget proposal, please click here.   

Host A Congressional Tour Today
Members of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives spend a lot of time in Washington, but they also spend valuable time in their states and districts during scheduled congressional work periods and recess. Members of Congress take these opportunities to visit with constituents, making this the perfect time for NATA members to invite their Senators and Representatives to tour their facilities.


In 2010, NATA and the general aviation community worked tirelessly on numerous provisions negatively affecting general aviation. In 2011, we must remain vigilant and work together to educate the public and especially Members of Congress and their staff on the important role general aviation plays, including its economic value to our country. We will likely face a number of legislative hurdles this year, which is another reason to reach out to your elected officials and let them know how these issues affect YOU, their constituent. The inevitable passage of FAA Reauthorization and aviation security measures continue to be the most pressing legislative hurdles so far this year.

A tour of your facility is a valuable way to inform key congressional leaders on the principal issues confronting our national air transportation system while allowing you to address other issues affecting your business. This one-on-one interaction will give Members of Congress and their staff a better understanding of the value of America’s aviation businesses and airline services companies. In addition, NATA members can introduce their business to new and prospective Members of Congress, and forge stronger relationships with existing Members. Host a tour today!

To learn more about how to host a Congressional tour, please click here.

NATA Unveils Revamped Web Site
Visit today!
NATA’s site,, is your aviation business source for news, editorials, events, products, services, training and much more. Recently, NATA unveiled a new sleek look to the Web site along with improved navigation and enhanced features.


The new includes:

  • A quick list of the latest NATA blogs on the homepage
  • A robust News section
  • Easy access to event registration, online training and webinars 
  • A prominent homepage advertising option
  • A comprehensive products and services section
  • Member-contributed content in the classifieds section under the Membership Tab (RFPs, press releases and job listings)

We hope you find the site to be even more intuitive, helpful and agile. Visit today and return often! There is always something new to be found. If you have issues with or comments on NATA’s new site, please email

FAA Proposes New Rules For Part 139 Airports
Recently, the FAA issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) affecting airports certificated under Part 139. The NPRM, titled Safety Enhancements Part 139, Certification of Airports, would require affected airports to:


  • Provide training for all individuals with unescorted access to non-movement areas (ramps, aprons, etc).
  • Institute a runway friction monitoring program that utilizes calibrated continuous friction measuring equipment with a self-wetting system.
  • Provide appropriate low-visibility surface enhancements and ground movement procedures if the airport is FAA approved for takeoff or landing operations below 1,200 feet RVR.

Additionally, the NPRM proposes a new rule that prohibits the making of any fraudulent or intentionally false statement on an application for a Part 139 certificate.

The training required under this proposed rule would have to address airport familiarization, including airport marking, signs and lighting, and procedures for access to and operation in the non-movement area. The FAA cited the facts that “[m]ost fatal [non-movement area] accidents involve ramp workers” and “[according to the Government Accountability Office] there are no federal or industry wide standards for ramp operations” as reasons for proposing this training requirement.

NATA staff will analyze the effects of this NPRM on the association’s membership as well as the industry in general and submit comments on the proposed rule to the FAA. This NPRM is open for public comment until April 4.

FAA Extends Comment Period For Proposed SMS Rule
In response to a joint request from the industry, including NATA, the FAA has extended the comment period for the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), Safety Management Systems for Part 121 Certificate Holders, by thirty days. The NPRM proposes requiring all Part 121 air carriers to develop and implement a safety management system.


NATA, along with other industry associations, requested the comment period extension “because the [NPRM] explains that [the proposed SMS requirement] will eventually be applied to other certificate holders, including manufacturing and maintenance certificate holders, Part 135 operators and Part 141 and 142 flight schools. Thus, the expected reach of [this NPRM] will likely extend far beyond [Part 121] air carriers” and “comments will require significant data collection and coordination.” The new comment period for the Part 121 SMS NPRM will close on March 7, 2011.

Click here to view the Part 121 SMS NPRM.

Click here to view the FAA Comment Period Extension.

Coyne Addresses President Obama’s Executive Order For Regulatory Review
In a recent update to association members, NATA President James K. Coyne addressed President Obama’s recently signed Executive Oder aimed at reducing the burden of federal regulations.


“NATA intends to present the various federal agencies that regulate our industry a list of regulations and issues that we feel need to be addressed under the President's new Executive Order. I would like to ask you to help. Please let us know what your concerns are regarding federal regulations. NATA has established a dedicated email account to enable you to submit examples of regulations that prevent your business from growing or hiring more employees. I would ask you to take a few minutes and let us know what regulations concern you,” said Coyne.

Click here to view the full member update.

Your suggestions for regulations in need of change can be submitted to

Are You Paying Too Much For Uniform Services?
NATA has partnered with ARAMARK Uniform Services to provide its members access to a discounted uniform rental and leasing solution. This money- and time-saving membership benefit was negotiated to provide added value to your membership.


NATA members may now take advantage of these valuable and convenient savings:

• 20% off rental and lease uniform rates
• 20% off facility services (mats, towels, mops, restroom supplies, etc.) 

To learn more about ARAMARK and the products and services that are available, please click here.

To set up a meeting with an ARAMARK representative to review your uniform and facility services needs, please call Tania Allaire at (818) 973-3906 or send an email to

Please mention source code # 197336.

2011 NATA Airline Services Council Brochure Now Available For Member Use
NATA recently updated and published its NATA Airline Services Council brochure. This brochure provides information on the latest activities that the NATA ASC is undertaking, including issues, meeting schedule and member listing.


Members interested in receiving professionally printed hard copies of this brochure may contact Eric Byer on the NATA staff.

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New NATA ASC Logo Available For Member Use
NATA has created a new NATA ASC logo that members can use on company stationery, publications and their Web site. The association recently provided members with two types of logos that members can use as appropriate. Members wishing to secure the new logo may do so by contacting Eric Byer.


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