January 18-19 - Galaxy FBO in Houston, Texas
April 19-20 - Gateway Aviation Services in Mesa, Arizona
May 23-24 - NATA Compliance Services in Reno, Nevada
August 1-2 - Alliance Aviation Services in Ft. Worth, Texas
September 12-13 - Duncan Aviation in Lincoln, Nebraska
NATA Safety 1st is pleased to continue its unique mix of technical and service training throughout the country in 2017. This two day training event is designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to make your line service team succeed and become new leaders within your company. 

This workshop provides the following, yet only costs $225! 
  • Advanced aviation fuel handling and quality control, including hands-on training.
  • Hands-on portable fire extinguisher training, provided and supervised by an expert aviation fire fighter (see 14 CFR 139.321 certification info below).
  • Being a Leader, Not Just a Role for Your Boss - we all want our employees to be leaders in the own right, not just someone who is there to "punch the clock". This session will help instill the desire and skills needed to be an everyday leader in any job.
  • Additional Topics.
  • Access to and networking with other students and industry experts building pride and leadership.
This workshop is designed for Line Service Professionals who are experienced or relatively new to the industry. It's never too early or late to provide advanced training to your team. This program can assist manager, owners and even customer service representatives with knowledge and skills that will help them excel at work!

All ALS Workshops include hands on Fire Extinguisher training but are NOT FAR139.321 certification courses. NATA Safety 1st offers online FAR139.321 certification courses through it's online training options - the PLST or Supervisor Online.
You can increase your savings by adding the Supervisor Online course or the PLST (initial or recurrent) course when registering for the workshop. Get online training certificates and hands-on fire extinguisher training completed in one click of the mouse!
Separate registration form is needed - please click here.

Have questions, please contact NATA Safety 1st at safety1st@nata.aero or (202) 774-1535.

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